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Las Vegas
It’s the city that doesn’t even need its first name. Vegas is ... well you know what Vegas is all about. Book a Flight >
Los Angeles
Better known as LA, Los Angeles is a great destination for people who like to do pretty much anything. Book a Flight >
Visit “The Valley of the Sun” for year-round warmth, golf, culture, and amazing cuisine. It’s a must visit. Book a Flight >
Located at the confluence of technology and nature, Seattle is a popular destination not to be missed. Book a Flight >
It’s called “Music City,” but if you don’t like music, then you should at least go for the Nashville hot chicken. Book a Flight >
Fabulous beaches, awesome restaurants, and beautiful scenery abound in this top-ten destination. Book a Flight >
Positioned along the Atlantic Ocean in Northeast Florida, Jacksonville is a perfectly affordable destination. Book a Flight >
New Orleans
Another top-ten destination, New Orleans is renowned for its food, music, and culture. What more could you want? Book a Flight >
Austin is one of our top ten destinations, probably because of its world-class music scene. Go give it a listen. Book a Flight >
Whether you’re going to Pensacola for the military or the fabulous beaches, we’ll get you there easier. Book a Flight >

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Avelo Airlines lands in Newport News-Williamsburg
with nonstop routes to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

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